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Preface of Common Courts

The common court is responsible for civil actions, criminal actions and other lawsuits specified by relevant legislation, and takes charge of non-litigation cases in accordance with relevant laws (The Court is classified as the common court ). Its responsibilities include:

1. Civil actions---to mediate disputes rising from the rights specified by the private law.

2. Criminal actions--- to make sure that the government has the actual right of punishment for the "specific fact" of the "specific person" and what belongs to the civil action.

3. Cases specified by other legislation to be judged by the court---such as election litigation (Article 132 of the Constitution).

4. Non-litigation cases---it is the procedure to prevent future disputes on rights. The non-litigation cases cover

  • registration.
  • property management.
  • legal person supervision and protection.
  • publication, auction and certification storage.
  • guardianship and adoption.
  • inheritance affairs. The non-litigation cases cover not only the cases listed above but also deposition and notarization which are specified by the other laws and known as generalized non-litigation cases.
  • Release Date:2020-10-26
  • Update:2020-10-26