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Other Customer Service

1. The Court Display

The digital displays are installed on top of the door of the court and in the parties', the lawyers' and the judges' lounges, showing the case number of the trial in progress so that the parties, lawyers, attorneys or other concerned parties can follow the proceedings. This ensures the court will be in session in a punctual manner unless the parties are late.

2. The Parties' Lounge

The Customer Service Desk and the court areas on the first, second and third floors are equipped with parties' lounges, which offer books and newspapers. Each lounge has one display screen to show all the courts so that the public can follow trial proceedings clearly.

3. Smoking Area and Drinking Fountain

Smoking is not permitted in the public areas or the court. Those who want to smoke should come to the smoking area outside the gate on the first floor. All courts offer drinking fountains and free paper cups.

4. Facilities and Wheelchairs for the Disabled

The Court has various facilities for the disabled, such as wheelchair ramps, restrooms, parking lots and so on, as well as courtesy wheelchairs for the disabled.

5. Teleconferencing Inquiry System

In order to simplify the procedures for witnesses testifying and appraisers identifying at court, the Judicial Yuan has installed a "Court Teleconferencing Inquiry System" for its courts of the first and second instances. The system makes use of video-conferencing and Internet technology to integrate information technology with judicial affairs and overcome limitations on space and distance. This system not only improves the efficiency of court operations but also offers the public a more convenient and diversified customer service.

In the past, those who were called to testify in court had to come to the appropriate court no matter where they lived, unless the court responsible commissioned other courts to interrogate the witness. Although those who testified in court could claim travel expenses, these journeys had a negative impact on their daily lives. In addition to these considerations, the public was concerned about how to protect the security of the witness.

A judge can now make use of the Court Teleconferencing Inquiry System to carry out remote interrogation directly. Therefore, witnesses or appraisers living in different cities or counties can apply to the judges responsible to appear in their nearest courts. After obtaining the consent of the responsible judges, the judges can interrogate the witnesses or appraisers directly using the video system and the Internet to further protect the security, interests and rights of the witnesses and the appraisers.

6. Suggestions Boxes

The suggestions boxes are located in front of the office block, in the Customer Service Desk and the parties' lounge. Those who have suggestions on judicial affairs can write them down giving their name, sex, age, profession, ID number and address, and put them into the suggestions boxes for our reference.

7. Integrating Social Resources and Expanding Litigation Assistance

In order to integrate social resources and to expand litigation assistance and public legal assistance, the Court invites those who are concerned with the welfare of the public to serve them as volunteers of the Court.

8. Chinese-English Bilingual Court Signs, Floor Plans and Direction Signs of Courts and Offices

In order to ensure the public knows the location of the Court, the Court has placed direction signs on major routes going to the court outside, and floor plans and direction signs of courts and offices in conspicuous locations inside the court. The Court has also printed location map on envelopes to inform the parties involved or other concerned persons.

9. Giving Notice of Court Verdicts and Sending them out

Where cases have had judgments rendered notice of the court verdicts must be sent out in accordance with regulations. This should be done on the current day, and for criminal cases, the registrars should send the court verdicts in the form of postal cards to the parties. If a member of the public cannot find a court verdict of any case that has had judgment rendered on the bulletin board after five days from the date of judgment, they should come to the Litigation Assistance Section to use the touch-screen computer to see the court verdict.

10. Other Service Facilities

Courtesy umbrellas, nursery rooms and diaper changing areas are available.

  • Release Date:2020-10-26
  • Update:2020-10-26