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Customer Service Desk

The Customer Service Desk is seated in a conspicuous place in the middle of the First Floor Lobby with an area of 179.8347m2, dealing with indictment distribution and receiving, charge collection, issuance of traveling subsidies for witnesses, litigation assistance and the reading of records by lawyers, etc.

Service Items:

1. Litigation Assistance

Only offers litigation assistance on procedures. Does not offer litigation assistance for matters concerning substantial litigations or law.

(1) Offers advice on procedures of appeals, applications to prosecutors for appeals and counter-appeals, as well as applications for retrials.

(2) Offers advice on paying legal fees.

(3) Offers advice on registering, submitting indictments, applying for fixing dates, extending periods or changing legal service offices.

(4) Answers parties' inquiries about the proceedings of the case and the court verdict. The parties can get information on the court day and the court verdict by inputting the case number into the touch-screen computer, or obtain the case number, the court day and the court verdict by sending in a written inquiry to the service.

(5) Offers advice on refunding bail, returning stolen articles or money and other expenses set forth in the regulations.

(6) Offer advice on procedures for seeking a guarantor, canceling detentions, pursuit and custody.

(7) Offer advice on reading files and records.

(8) Documents Assistance.
If the parties do not know how to write an indictment similar to the model, the staff can write it for them without charge. The Court provides the parties with models of common indictments for free.

(9) Offers advice on applying for the original copy of the court verdict, the certificate of the judgment confirmation and other service notices.

(10) Gives public legal assistance
Please refer to legal matters concerning the substantial litigations or law to the Public Law Service Department of the Taichung Bar Association, which is open from 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and handles registrations from 2:00 p.m. Please bring your ID card, identity documents and relevant documents. The Association is open to inquiries from people calling in person: it does not answer telephone inquiries.

(11) Sells and photocopies judicial complaint forms
Please buy the judicial complaint forms for court indictments from the staff. Please refer the documents to be copied to the staff.

(12) Replies to inquiries about the procedures of non-litigation cases.

2. Receiving and Dispatching

Receives indictments and various letters and postal matters, and dispatches documents.

3. Collecting Fees, Disbursing Travel Expenses for Witnesses and Refunding Bail

(1) The third instance of a civil action shall be charged trial fees, but retrials shall be exempt from trial fees. The party who has withdrawn his or her appeal or counter-appeal should apply for refund of one half of the paid trial fee. The party who has reached a settlement should apply for refund of one half of the paid trial fee within three months of the date of reaching the settlement.

(2) If a witness in a civil or criminal case testifies in court punctually, he or she can put in a claim for traveling expenses as a witness from the Customer Service Desk after filling in a claim form signed and issued by the judge and the secretary of the court.

(3) For the criminal cases with bail paid, if the accused is declared to be innocent, or exempt from accusation and punishment or has had the execution of a sentence temporarily suspended, the Court should handle the paid bail in accordance with the following procedures: for those who have paid bail to the Court, the Court will inform the original payer through the written notice to come to the cashier of the Customer Service Desk with his or her ID card, seal and the bail receipt to reclaim bail; for those who have paid bail to a local court, the Court will inform the local court or prosecutors' office which has accepted the bail through a written notice to refund the bail and inform the original payer in the form of a copy.

4. Popularization Materials

In order to give the parties' abroad perspective on the proceedings, the Customer Service Desk provides the public with a wide range of materials on the law.

  • Release Date:2020-10-26
  • Update:2020-10-26