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Trial Affairs

I. Independent Jurisdiction

As specified in Article 80 of the Constitution, the judge should independently carry out trials in accordance with legislation, and should not be confined to judicial administration orders in relation to the legal views on the judgment. Therefore, it is legal for the judge to carry out his duties and wield his power without any interference.

II. The Uniform of Legal Personnel Responsible for Trials

When handling a case in court, chief justices, judges, public defenders, secretaries, prosecutors and counsels have different uniforms as follows:

The chief justice's and the judge's gowns are black with blue edges.

The public defender's gown is black with a green edge.

The secretary's gown is black with a black edge.

The prosecutor's gown is black with a mauve edge.

The lawyer's gown is black with a white edge.

  • Release Date:2020-10-26
  • Update:2020-10-26